If You Build It, They Will Come / Ravi Tomerlin's NSX

Ravi Tomerlin's Global Time Attack Acura NSX is the perfect example of what can happen when passion for racing and tight knit friendships collide.
The Man

You wouldn't know by talking to him or seeing him on the track, but Ravi Tomerlin hasn't spent his entire life racing cars. In fact, he didn't have much interest in cars, at all, until he needed a commuter car when he was 18. The story of his 1991 Acura NSX begins with an unsuspecting teenager and an Acura Integra. 

When Ravi was 18 years old, he was in serious need of wheels to get from point A to B so he set out to find something within his budget. He managed to find a Vogue Silver Metallic 1997 Acura Integra for sale online and set up a time to purchase it, sight unseen. At this point, Ravi had little to no interest in racing and saw this car as merely a vessel for him to commute in. After exchanging cash for the title, he jumped in his new ride and promptly recognized that there was something different about this particular car. It had a manual transmission, which posed an issue for him because he had never driven one before. He had someplace to be, right away, so he did what anyone would do; he stalled and grinded his way to his destination and figured it out as he went!

As far as Ravi was concerned, the Integra was just a car. At that time though, the tuner scene was booming and you couldn't drive a block without seeing a number of customized versions of it on the roads. After owning the car for only a couple of weeks, the head gasket let loose on the freeway and his car was rendered disabled. With a repair manual and new head gasket in hand, he proceeded to do a roadside, 3-day, rehab. 

Armed with the confidence that he could work on his car, his interest in tuning began to bud. He soon began modding the Acura and eventually loved driving it so much that he joined the Arizona chapter of NASA (National Auto Sport Association). He struck a deal with them that allowed him to trade time volunteering in exchange for track time. 

His passion for tuner cars and racing steadily began to grow, and eventually led him on a quest to find the perfect track slayer. Along the way he acquired some legendary cars such as the Nissan R32, R33, S13, and eventually a Mazda RX-7 FD. He absolutely loved the FD, however its life was cut short just before Thanksgiving, 2009, when he was t-boned.  The RX-7 was totaled beyond repair so he was going to need a new car. Having pretty much already owned the most popular cars of the time, he looked at the NSX as his next option. He managed to find a 1991 in Berlina Black and wasted no time cutting it loose on the track.