GoldRush Rally - GRX Fan Experience 13

The GoldRush Rally, for those that don't know, is an annual car rally where car enthusiasts pay $22,000 to drive their supercars across our great nation for 10 days. Each night they stop at luxurious hotels, throw crazy parties, and play outrageous pranks on each other. While there are plenty of other rallies out there, none is quite like this one, and none attracts a crazier, more fun-loving bunch, quite like this one does. I decided to spend some time with the guys, gals, and their cars to see what the hype was all about and get a taste of what the experience might be like.

My day began by waking up at the butt-crack of dawn, grabbing a hot cup of java (always black), and driving halfway across town where the GoldRush Rally participants were staying at. As I arrived I was greeted by hotel security and advised to leave the premises as I did not have the proper credentials (actually I had none). I proceeded to drive around to the back-side of the hotel lot where I was able to park and walk in without catching the attention of the dedicated rent-a-cops. I quickly ran around the parking lot to get a sneak peak at some of the cars that I, and countless others, would see at the Fan Experience a bit later.

As soon as I set foot in the parking lot I heard the roar of something that sounded uniquely Italian. I glanced over my shoulder to see a yellow Lamborghini Aventador SV, laden in GoldRush decals, being loaded into a hauler. I pulled out my Iphone as quickly as I could to record it. The sun was so bright that I couldn't make out what shooting mode I was in, so I ended up only snapping a picture. Please note that I still held my phone for about a minute, as if I were taking a video, because at this point I had not yet realized that I was in photo mode.

Seconds later I spotted a hotel security guard speeding towards me in his golf cart. Rather than get into a situation that I would have to talk my way out of, I turned around, swiftly departed the premises, and headed towards the Fan Experience a few miles away. As I merged onto the highway I was passed by none other than Kurt Busch driving his Monster Energy Ford GT. Taking everything that my import SUV had to give, I sped up to catch him. Just as I started to get within range, I spotted one of Arizona's finest pulling over someone who, most likely, had not exceeded my current rate of speed.

Feeling lucky, I laid off the accelerator and obeyed the posted speed limits until I reached my final destination. I rounded the corner where the experience was set to take place and I could see a slew of people with their cameras at the ready (apparently I was not the only one who got the memo). I quickly parked and got in position to catch the Rally caravan entering the venue.

After catching millions of dollars worth of exotic and luxury cars I decided it was time to get up close and personal with them, so I walked over to the staging area between Luxuray Auto Collection and Highline European. I was overwhelmed by the number of people who showed up early for the event and even more overwhelmed by the assortment of cars present.

All of the cars were sporting their GRX livery and the remnants of pranks and off-roading laid on the surfaces of their exteriors. The aroma of "medicinal" marijuana and high octane fuel permeated the air as this concoction must, no doubt, be part of the reason these guys have so much fun during the rally (sort of like the gun powder and cocaine that Nick Cage snorts in the movie God Of War). Among some of the attendees of the rally were prominent businessmen (and women) from across the world and even a popular social media figure (#alex.choi).

Standing near the entrance to the staging lot, I watched car after car, slowly, file through the spectators. Crazy colors, space-age, and parody themes were among the majority of the custom wraps that the cars were fitted with, specifically for the rally. At one point I heard loud rock music pounding away from inside a Hennessey Velociraptor that was entering the experience. I turned to look at it, and none-other than our commander-in-chief, "Donald J. Trump" was at the wheel, Making America Great Again, one head-bang at a time!

Luxury Auto Collection and Highline European were kind enough to open their doors so that we could get a peek at their showrooms of exotics and luxuries. GoldRush Rally participants continued arriving throughout the entire duration of the experience so I found myself walking in circles for hours, yet spotting new cars each time I took another lap.

The crowd continued to get larger while more cars crept through the droves of drooling spectators to find a place to park until, literally, they had to park anywhere they could squeeze in. Ah yes, the sight of super cars, shoulder to shoulder was a thing of true beauty. Unfortunately though, it was time for me to bid them all farewell so that they could make their final stretch to Las Vegas where the 10-day rally would come to its close. Many thanks to the GoldRush Rally for allowing us to experience a glimpse of their crazy rally and also to Luxury Auto Collection and Highline European for hosting the event. Maybe next year I'll get footage along the way (hey GoldRush Rally! hit me up!)



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